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Android fans told why the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is better than the iPhone

Sales of the Samsung Galaxy S8 in the countries “first wave” will start on April 21. But the smartphone has already received a lot of feedback. The experts used in the hands of new criticized the fingerprint scanner smartphone, located on the rear panel next to the camera and praised the display device. Fans of the Android ecosystem from called 8 reasons why frameless screen Galaxy S8 much better than the iPhone.

1. When viewing websites (and not only) screen Galaxy S8 Plus can hold a lot more content than the iPhone.

The photo shows the iPhone 6s Plus, but the options screen is identical to the iPhone 7.

2. In applications such as, for example, Instagram, the screen Galaxy S8 also holds more information (and you don’t have to scroll through a page).

Screen Galaxy S8 more than any of the iPhone models. But this does not mean that all of the images on the screen appear larger. Samsung decided to change the display options of the content, so that the size of the images on the screens Galaxy S8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus will be the same, the first owners will be able to see more information without scrolling.

3. Galaxy S8 adapts video from YouTube using the entire width and height of the screen.

No more black bars when watching videos. S8 Galaxy automatically plays videos in format of 18.5:9, fully leveraging the screen. However, it is worth noting that the video is partially clipped, because the standard format for YouTube is 16:9.

4. The clarity and brightness of the screen of the Samsung higher than the iPhone.

Screen Galaxy S8 supports a resolution of 2K (2960×1440 pixels). For comparison, the resolution of the iPhone models Plus is 1920×1080 pixels, and the conventional versions, it is even less — only 1334×750.

5. Screen Galaxy S8 is slightly curved (and curved edge have their functions).

Touch the rounded edge of the screen in a specific location brings up a menu with the most frequently used applications caused by contacts and features of Samsung.

6. On the screen Galaxy S8 Plus easier to print than on the screen of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Type a message with one hand on the big screen rather difficult, but it is much easier to do on the Samsung and not Apple. The reason is the following: Galaxy S8 Plus is slightly narrower than the iPhone 7 Plus (mostly due to the lack of frame around the screen), and it is easier to hold with one hand.

7. Galaxy S8 uses a technology that ensures the best colors and the best contrast between dark and bright parts of the screen.

When Apple advertised the iPhone 7, we noted improved brightness and color reproduction compared to previous models. But the iPhone screen is inferior to the AMOLED screens from Samsung (iPhone pictured above).

8. Galaxy S8 allows you to change the display modes of the color and brightness of the screen.

Galaxy S8 the user can configure the display mode of a content. While Apple does not provide such opportunities.

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