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Android app for adults to discreetly take a photo with him and blackmails users

Android app to view adult content Adult Player discreetly photographing the user then locks the smartphone and demands a ransom. Fraudsters rely on the sense of shame, endangering the reputation of the person.

A snapshot of the user is done with the front camera without his knowledge. After that, the app locks the screen of the smartphone and asks you to unlock $ 500 like a virus like WinLocker for personal computers. Of such conduct were told by the specialists of the company Zscaler.

Zscaler specializes in computer security, and according to her, similar apps extortionists are gaining popularity in the Scam. These applications, which demand a ransom from the user by threatening to publish compromising information, generally known as ransomware.

Chief technology officer for Intel Security in Europe Raj Samani noted that the attackers in this case have relied on a sense of shame user, endangering his reputation. Often people are willing to part with a large sum of money, to avoid the spread of unwanted information about themselves on the Internet.

According to the chief developer of Intel Security Raj Samani, such applications are very simple in design and inexpensive. Have programmers that are willing to write such a program. One such group, which was watched by Intel Security, has earned more than $ 75,000 in two and a half months.

App Adult Player became the second example of this kind of Android apps, experts discovered the firm Zscaler.

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