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Android 8.0 will be announced a month earlier than iOS 11

The current version of the mobile platform Google Android 7.0 Nougat – failed to get wide distribution among the users: this year, the new OS from Google is not reached even 1% of mobile devices. However, in mountain view are preparing to introduce the next generation mobile platform.

The official announcement of Android O, heir of Nougat, will be held on may 17 this year, and the venue will be the Shoreline amphitheatre, located near the Google headquarters in California. Information about this can be obtained by solving puzzles proposed by Google.

The search giant tweeted an encrypted link that leads to several puzzles, deciding that you can obtain confirmed details about the upcoming conference Google I/O 2017. Puzzles, including coordinates and a chess Board were resolved by joint efforts on the channel shell.

The website hasn’t been updated yet, so for now unknown details about registration. Apparently, the invitations to the conference will be issued on a lottery from among applicants randomly selected participants, which will receive a notification and will be able to buy a ticket. The conference Google I/O 2017 will start on may 17 and will last three days.

Android 8.0 will include new features, bug fixes, and improved stability. More information the company’s promise to provide later.

It should be noted that Google I/O 2017 will be the second conference for developers, which the company performs outdoors in recent years. From 2008 to 2015 year the event was held in Moscone Center, and this past year the conference was held at the Shoreline amphitheatre.

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The Android operating system 7.0 “Nougat” came out even earlier iOS 10, but it continues to be one of the rarest versions of the OS. At this point, the Nougat proportion is only 0.7%. This is the most popular modified version of Android to date, Lollipop is the fifth Sochi, which runs more than 33% of smartphones and tablets. The sixth version called Marshmallow works on 30% of devices.

At the same time, Apple’s, despite the sprawling range of mobile devices continues to strictly control the process of upgrading their own mobile devices, achieving by mid-January, increasing the share of iOS 10 to 76%. Against the backdrop of the “Apple” of the platform adoption rate of fresh Android 7.0 looks depressing.

Presentation Android 8.0 will be held a month earlier than officially iOS 11. The announcement of the new “Apple” platform is expected at the worldwide developers conference (WWDC) in June, after which a beta build of the OS will get the developers and participants in the testing program. In the new mobile platform Apple company will show new ideas for the development of the mobile OS under the leadership of Director of design Jonathan Ive, which in October 2012 led a team in designing a GUI.

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