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And would you buy this iPhone?

Frame around the screen is a real stumbling block for manufacturers of smartphones: all continuously brag about the percentage of the area of the front panel that covers the screen, and have resorted to not very pleasant above in trying to visually enlarge the area. To recall the infamous for a number of last year’s (and not only) smartphone black frame.

the iPhone has never been a good example, so many owners of “Apple” devices do not leave the idea of “frameless” smartphone. Android manufacturers are already making efforts in this direction. For example, Sharp company in 2014 launched a smartphone Aquos Crystal, which has on three sides the screen was really almost no part – it looked impressive, but nothing else stood out and became very popular.

But the idea has not sunk into Oblivion together with this device – it suddenly remembered hitherto not noted for original thinking Xiaomi and used in his office Mi Mix, and supplied him with very impressive technical stuffing. This is a real flagship of the family of Mi – not only in the ceramic body, but with a giant 6.4-inch display with a resolution of 2040 × 1080 pixels and almost devoid of framework.

Here it is, the moment of triumph: lights up almost the entire front panel entirely. The side and top of frame minimum, their thickness actually tends to zero. And what’s more – area under the screen is also quite small, unlike the case of the Sharp Aquos Crystal. And as icing on the cake is 90% engagement of the front panel under the display – placed on the virtual navigation key is also smaller than usual. The user almost all of the 6.4 inch.

Of course, such magnificence can not but arouse the envy of every iPhone owner. Will the Apple flagship in 2017 to hit your screen? I would like to believe. At least, rumors about the iPhone 8 allow to hope for it. But now we have the opportunity to evaluate the interface of iOS on frameless device, thanks to Mi Mix and support themes Android. iOS on the device with “infinite” display – it looks impressive!

The screen frame is, without a doubt – one of the main disadvantages of Apple gadgets. So, the iPhone’s display “edge-edge” will be a smartphone at all times.

And you would be interested in an iPhone with such a screen?

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