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Anastasia enjoys from six iPhone [photos]

Subscribers Anastasia Volochkova in Instagram criticized the ballerina for bragging because of the huge number of iPhone in which she was “just confused.” It is called the “Queen of show-off.”

According to Volochkova, she has six iPhone. In his Instagram she published a photograph in which demonstrated the collection of “Apple” smartphones.

She commented the as follows: “When the morning starts with a reading of the play… And the iPhone I’m just confused.”

Users have accused Volochkova in boasting: “Yes, some complex, as if it could not either be satisfied, or to prove someone something…”, “Any sign of inferiority! Do you think that the iPhone no one else has?”

Some users buy two smartphones, one of which is used for work and the other exclusively for personal purposes. However, hardly anyone can boast of six gadgets at once.

Some members suggested that the majority of phones — it is the generous gifts of wealthy admirers ballerina.

Volochkova did not comment on the messages of their subscribers. Especially that about the same criticism suffered earlier post, where the dancer was photographed with a new iPhone 7. Volochkova said that to understand the structure of the new gadget she was assisted by two consultants.

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