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Analytics: Apple becomes first company worth $1 trillion

Remember the scene in the movie “Forrest Gump” when the main character talks about what his friend had invested their money in “some fruit company” and thereby provided them with a comfortable existence? The events unfolded in the 1980-ies of the last century. Today Apple is worth more than Microsoft, Netflix and Twitter combined – on Monday, the market capitalization of “Apple” company for the first time in history exceeded $800 billion.

Apple shares have been rising since October 2014 and year and has risen in value over this period more than doubled. Thus, the capitalization of cupertinos of the company is now nearly $820 billion, Analysts at Drexel Hamilton tried to understand whether the growth of the market value of the California giant only a consequence of the growth of the overall market, can Apple be the first company, the capitalization of which will reach a trillion dollars.

In the 90-ies on the top of the tech world was Microsoft. Its market value peaked in December 1999 at $619 billion. it May seem that Apple easily broke the record of Microsoft, but do not forget about inflation. $619 billion in 1999 would now be worth about $900 billion later capitalization of Microsoft fell sharply to $200 billion, but the company now more or less recovered, and at the moment it costs about $530 billion.

In the course of trading on 8 may, the value of one share of Apple reached $153,44, while in circulation are 5.2 billion shares. Thus, the total capitalization of the company exceeded $800 billion for the first time in the history of the company. Drexel Hamilton analyst Brian white believes that Apple’s stock can rise to $202 per share for 12 months if his forecast comes true, then capitalization smartphone maker in the next year will exceed $1 trillion.

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Wall Street experts predict a further rise in the value of Apple stock. However, it is important to understand — to reach a capitalization of $1 trillion, the price should be set at a level above $190. Thus, the manufacturer of iPhone need to raise the rating of one share of 25% compared to current levels.

Analysts believe that Apple will be the first public company capitalization has reached $1 trillion. The exact answer to the question, upon assessment of the Corporation trillion, to give it is impossible. Still, the gap is still quite large, and the path to the sacred figure will be extremely difficult for Apple.

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