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Analysts told why people stopped buying iPad

A longer than expected lifetime of tablets has resulted in falling demand for the iPad. However, Apple can still change the trajectory, making its once popular tablet device more similar in functionality to a personal computer, says the head of Kantar Worldpanel.

“In the beginning people bought tablets because they were different from computers. It attracted its first customers,” quoted Dailycomm representative at Kantar Worldpanel. In earlier times, the tablet, in fact, was considered a larger smartphone, because the basis of devices on the same software platform, the application ecosystem, similar user interface based on touch controls. For this reason, many experts believed that and updated the “pills” are so often, as communicators – about every two years.

However, the reality has diverged from the predictions. The life cycle of tablets were more similar to computers than on smartphones. According to Kantar, about 30% of iPad owners have their current device for the past 36 months or more.

Assembled IDC statistics show that in the first quarter of 2015 global tablet shipments declined 4% yoy, while the second – a further 7%. In this case, for iPad negative dynamics is observed for six consecutive quarters. In January-March and April-June 2015 shipments of Apple gadgets has decreased by 23% and 18%.

However, Apple could revive sales, if it shows that the iPad is a good replacement PC, says Milanesi. “If there is presented a device as powerful as a PC, but at the same time is also portable and convenient as a tablet, it will be of interest to buyers,” says the expert. As a successful example of such a strategy analyst led Microsoft and its Surface Pro.

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That Apple intends to go the same way, according to the extension of functionality for business users in the new iOS 9 and cooperate with IBM in the corporate segment, observers note.

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