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Analysts: the transition to a three-year update cycle of the iPhone would be a huge mistake Apple

Apple would be making a mistake if she will extend the release cycle of new iPhone up to three years. This opinion was expressed by analysts, quoted by the business publication Digitimes.

As previously reported, Apple will abandon the two-year cycle of iPhone updates in favor of three years. Previously, she produced a fundamentally new iPhone once in two years, and between them is an intermediate version that retains the design of its predecessor and getting little improvement, as it were, for example, in the case of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

“The tempo of updates have served Apple, and if she will extend the deadline, then buyers will be less reason to make the upgrade and purchase the next generation iPhone. Apple need to do everything possible to stimulate sales,” says a senior analyst at Jackdaw Research, Jan Dawson.

Agree with him Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy. He also believes that Apple should not extend to grocery stores, cycle iPhone. The expert advised the company to consider how to increase the desire of iPhone owners to upgrade.

“Apple needs to continue to move forward to support people’s desire to buy her expensive devices. It is unreasonable to slow down their innovation due to the fact that the market is becoming more Mature and saturated,” summed up his point of view Patrick Moorhead.

Speaking about possible options for Apple, Ian Dawson proposed a strategy, which the Corporation could use in the future. According to the expert, to review the design of the devices is not necessary. He advises to maintain the appearance of the iPhone, declaring it a classic and the most optimal, and to continue to produce smartphones now available in three form factors — iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6 Plus/iPhone 6s Plus and SE.

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In addition, the expert recommends to improve the technical characteristics of the devices every two years, or even annually. As an example of such an upgrade, Ian Dawson leads the equipment of the apparatus improved camera with two lenses or removing from the front panel Home button to increase display space.

In addition, Apple could offer the lovers of novelties wider selection of colors, as it has done in the past, releasing a pink iPhone, the analyst said.

It is expected that iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the debut of which will take place in September, will retain the same case design, except for the location of the plastic inserts for the antenna. New flagship Apple this year will have better main camera (with dual lens have a Plus version), CPU A10, protection from moisture, more capacious battery and will lose 3.5-mm audio input for headphones. A completely new model of the iPhone, referred to in the press as the iPhone 8 will be released next year and will be the first Apple smartphone with AMOLED-display.

Meanwhile, the IDC experts predict Apple’s first annual decline in shipments of smartphones: iPhone shipments in 2016 are expected to reach 227 million units, which is 2% lower than last year to 232 million units.

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