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Analysts: the release of Windows 10 will not affect Mac sales

Starting today, Windows users have the opportunity to upgrade to the new version – tenth. The new versions of Windows are traditionally stimulated sales of PC users, who were to spend money on a new operating system, often changed at the same time and the computer. But this time things may be different. Experts believe that four-year drop in sales of computers will continue, and Windows 10 will not stop the transition on the PC with alternative platforms.

First, there is a risk that the global economy will be unstable; secondly, user preferences are now out of focus and the PC need not every. And more importantly, Microsoft for the first time to provide free of charge to tens of millions of users Windows update to the new version is a major factor of uncertainty. Before the transition from the old version of Windows on new always had to pay, and very few people wanted to spend on operating system $100 – many chose to buy the PC that new Windows already installed.

At the time, the hardware manufacturers were expecting the release of Windows 8 will revive the IT industry, but the harsh market realities in varying degrees, have disappointed them. So much so, that unhappy OEMs accused Microsoft that “eight” triggered “transition millions of users on Mac computers. Dissatisfied with the innovations in Windows users began to pay attention to the more classical solution from Apple.

Because of the lack of innovations of Windows 10 is not able to stimulate consumers to buy new PC. Not interested in it and those who are planning to switch to a Mac. OS X looks more innovative than the last Microsoft product.

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Microsoft shares no predictions on how many PC owners will take advantage of a free upgrade. Usually about 2/3 of the income of the Corporation from the sale of Windows to provide corporate clients, but they can settle for a free operating system upgrade, a new PC not to buy.

With 2012 sales of the PC is constantly declining, and this year will decline, IDC estimates that are particularly significant – worldwide will be sold only 289 million computers, 21% below the peak of 2011.

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