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Analysts: the iPhone 8 has no chance to repeat the success of iPhone 6

Contract suppliers Apple has already started mass production of components for the iPhone 8. About it last week reported by DigiTimes, known for its connections with sources in the supply chain. Barclays analysts skeptical in regards to the market success of the anniversary the flagship of Apple, which, in their opinion, affect the rate of securities of the company.

According to observers, the smartphone segment is more expensive than $ 700 appeared stagnation, and the absence of significant advances in device capabilities will encourage users to replace existing devices.

In the first quarter of 2017, the share of smartphones costing more than 700 dollars in total revenue structure of the market declined from 33% to 29%. In that price range, which can be called “medium”, “Apple” products even more is losing ground. For example, in China, its share declined over the year from 31% to 15% under the pressure of the products of local brands.

The launch of the iPhone 8 is unlikely to return the sales of Apple mobile devices to increase by 10-15%, experts believe. At Barclays believe the release of the iPhone 6 in 2014, the most influential from the point of view of growth of the stock of the California giant.

Apple securities in the medium term have exhausted almost all of the growth potential and after the release of the iPhone 8, they may be cheaper, analysts say.

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