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Analysts: the introduction of 5G is virtually useless at current rates for data transmission

Main Telecom this year’s theme, marked at the mobile world Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is a 5G or a new revolution in wireless networks. However, revolutionary in fact in the transition for operators not so much. Experts Alcatel-Lucent believe that all investments made earlier in 4G will be saved, and new investments in their background will have less extensive.

The majority of companies involved in telecommunications equipment promise the start of the introduction of 5G in 2020. Maybe it will happen a little earlier, because before the deadline another five years. Analysts have raised an important aspect of the introduction of the network of the fifth generation. It is about the fact that with increasing bandwidth, respectively, it will increase the consumption of content. The main advantage of high speed in the ability to watch online videos in very high quality. For example, in 4K, which by 2020 as the time may well become the norm.

As an example, Alcatel-Lucent leads to the following information. 60-minute video in the “standard” quality “weighs” about 700 MB. If you increase the resolution to Full HD, the file size increases to 3 GB. And video Ultra HD is already 7 GB. It’s more than allow you to use a month most so-called unlimited tariffs of mobile operators in most countries. And although before the advent of 5G networks another five years, during which the cost of service operators is clearly reduced, it is hardly possible to speak at least about ten-fold difference, notes iXbt.

Another comparison concerns just the cost of the services. In 2013, according to a source, the average mobile phone user in a month spent about $76 (in the USA). In 2007, “check” was about $50. Analysts predict that by 2019 traffic will grow by 57%, which corresponds approximately $43.

The question of the cost of services with a significant increase in the speed of data transfer is quite relevant. Against this background, the question arises, whether the desired speed, which can ensure the standard 5G? Because the maximum current speed can reach 300 Mbps, more than enough for virtually any application.

By the way, in the beginning of year it became known that the Russian mobile operators are preparing to test 5G networks. The agreement already signed between MegaFon and telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei. The companies say the joint project will be the first experience of participating mobile operator from Russia in the creation of next generation networks.

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