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Analysts predict the boom of smart phones that support 3D Touch in 2016

The advent of technology Force Touch to “smart” clock Apple Watch 3D Touch and the iPhone 6s has set a new trend in the market. Manufacturers of devices running Android have begun to prepare their own versions of the pressure-sensitive displays for their flagship models and smartphones in the medium price range.

Starting from the second quarter of 2016, the smartphone manufacturers will massively implement in their products with touch screens are sensitive to velocity sensors, reports DigiTimes, citing informed sources. Currently, such models are already in ZTE and Huawei, in addition, after about a month it is expected the premiere of the Samsung Galaxy S7, which will also get a screen with options similar to 3D Touch.

Moreover, in the second quarter of the year it may will be joined by other Chinese and Taiwanese brands, the main factor influencing the increase in the number of smartphones with touch screens, equipped with pressure sensors, will be relatively low price to last. Now it ranges from $3-5, while fingerprint scanners, for example, cost on average $5-8.

With the growth of competition between suppliers, analysts tend to expect a further drop in the value of their proposed solutions. For example, the intention to soon join the industry leaders Synaptics and STMicroelectronics recently announced the focaltech stock and Himax.

Operating system iOS 9 supports 3D and Touch, depending on the pressing force, performs certain actions. In addition to such familiar gestures like tap, pinch, and swipe feels the pinch, it allows you to use Peek and Pop. Through these gestures, you can view online content and work with it, even opening. For example, if you click on a letter, Peek show preview. But if you push harder — it will Pop open. 3D Touch is one of the key innovations in the iPhone 6s that set it apart from iPhone 6.

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It is known that the future flagship of Samsung will also get the support of similar technologies. The company is not the first time decides to follow the footsteps of Apple: in 2013, after the presentation of iPhone 5s, the top Manager of the South Korean firm announced his intention at all was to equip future flagship 64-bit processor.

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