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Analysts: iPhone 7 may suffer the fate of its predecessor

Two weeks after the beginning of retail sales of the iPhone 7, analysts have warned that demand for the new flagship Apple may soon subside, and the model risks the same fate as the previous version. Dailycomm reports about it with reference to the report Mark Moskowitz from Barclays.

“Among the participants of the industry there is talk that sales of new iPhone in the coming months, threatens to decline, the same with what has faced in the past year, the iPhone 6s”, – the expert wrote in a research note to investors.

Trends mark Moskowitz downgraded the Outlook for iPhone sales in the current quarter from 44.4 million to 43 million units. Also down was the adjusted estimates for the next quarter and the year as a whole. Many experts believe that in October-December, Apple sells iPhone 67.8 million, and for the entire calendar year – 219.3 million devices, called indicators of 69.2 and 224.7 million, respectively.

In addition, the expert is pessimistic about and the situation on the world market of smartphones in General. An updated assessment of Barclays provides a reduction of revenue in the smartphone industry by 2.9% and sales growth in real terms of 2.6%. Previously expected decline in the money of 0.7% and an increase in pieces by 3.7%.

I should add that the Outlook for the smartphone market has recently worsened, and experts IDC. They believe that in 2016, global scale will be released of 1.46 million units, which is 1.6% more than the previous year, although in March predicted growth of 5.7%, to 1.5 billion pieces.

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