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Analysts: iPhone 6s c 4K video will destroy business GoPro

Quotes manufacturer of digital cameras GoPro can fall from the current $35 to $25, reports Vestifinance with reference to the report of analysts of Barron’s. The reason is the iPhone 6s that can shoot 4K video. Coupled with the recent GoPro products, which caused no stir among consumers, analysts believe that the days of the manufacturer of action cameras are numbered.

Competition in the market of mobile technology, capable of capturing high-quality video with high resolution, increases every year. If earlier counterparts GoPro was not enough, now the vendor has some serious competition to Apple.

The peak value of the securities GoPro (GPRO) was $98 in October. Since then the quote has declined steadily to its current $35 per security. Target rate is $48 at best. Analysts compare the position of the GoPro with vendors like BlackBerry and Palm, which very successfully operated in their segments, but after a certain time period were forced to fight for survival.

Some analysts suggest that Apple could buy GoPro. In an independent research firm Vertical Group considered zero chance of such a deal, as the iPhone and iPad manufacturer has sufficient resources for self-development of digital cameras.

While analysts hold pessimestichen sentiment against the manufacturer of action cameras, investors are concerned about the ability of the GoPro successfully resist the Apple. At least twice in the past 9 months, shares of GoPro were seriously sagged on the news about new “time machine”. In January amid reports of Apple patent for the production of portable camera GoPro shares fell 12%.

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Investors are reasonably concerned that the patent will allow the Cupertino giant to manufacture products similar to what GoPro offers. Apple sold in fiscal 2014, more than 270 million units of products that are not comparable with the volume of deliveries GoPro.

After the release of the new iPhone 6s when it became known that 12-megapixel camera of the smartphone can shoot video in 4K resolution, quotes GoPro fell by 10%.

To comment on the publication in the publication Barron’s representatives from Apple and GoPro.

Previously Citi analyst David Jeremy in a note to investors reported that sales of video cameras GoPro Hero 4 experiencing a “slow start” and can lead to the fact that the American manufacturer would be able to justify the profit forecasts for the current quarter.

After the publication of the Barron’s forecast GoPro shares dropped 6%.

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