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Analysts: In the next 10 years Apple will abandon the iPhone in favor of virtual reality glasses

In the coming years Apple will actively pursue the development of ar systems for its mobile devices, predicts Piper Jaffray analyst gene Munster. According to him, the company’s attention to the operating system iOS will decline gradually and this platform will eventually recede into the background.

Several facts confirm Apple’s interest to technologies of virtual reality. Last month, for example, the manufacturer of iPhone and iPad has hired Professor Doug Bowman, one of the most prominent experts on VR-technologies in the United States. Search through the LinkedIn service indicates that by this point in Apple working at least 141 employee with experience in the development of ar systems.

In addition, previously California giant computer electronics filed a patent application describing the virtual reality helmets and have bought a number of prospective developers of VR and AR technologies, such as Emotient, Metaio and Faceshift.

According to Munster, “ineffective reality” will soon be not interesting to users, and large companies conduct research in this direction and develop new products. Apple said the analyst, is taking steps to ensure that after 10 years to abandon the iPhone in favor of a more modern device or system.

“We believe that 10 years from now Generation Z will be called the current reality of inefficient, writes Munster. – We believe that the notion of “poor reality” is obvious, the way smartphones are used today – precursors of mixed reality, offering users more opportunities to find the necessary information.”

Note that last week in the official online Apple store started selling VR-glasses View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack. The gadget is compatible with iPhone, became the first and so far the only virtual reality device that is available in the Apple Online Store. In the U.S. it can be purchased for about 30 dollars.

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