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Analysts: in 2017, the industry of apps for Android for the first time overtake income App Store

Analytics service App Annie released a report that focused on the comparison of the two largest app stores — App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

According to analysts, the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch will spend in 2017 on the application and the subscription $40 billion, while users of Android devices — $41 billion According to forecast of the firm specializing in data analysis mobile apps via the Google Play apps will be purchased for $21 billion.

It is projected that on the iPhone and iPad will be loaded 42 billion apps, while the device is running the operating system Android — 308 billion

In App Annie believe that Android will be able to keep the lead in revenue from apps and in the following years.

In 2016 sales through the App Store was $34 billion, and on apps for Android spent $27 billion Users of Apple technology downloaded 29 billion apps and devices on Android — 118 billion

At the same time, according to Gartner, Android devices occupy more than 80% of the world smartphone market, and iOS is 17.7%.

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