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Analysts: iMessage the App Store is doomed to failure

When Apple first introduced the App store, iMessage, the company has presented him as the next big platform for apps, which will allow developers to earn and to attract new users. It’s been six months since the launch of iMessage the App Store, and the interest of developers to the new app store began to decline.

The first time there has been a steady increase in the number of new applications — more than 100% monthly. However, at the beginning of this year, the situation has radically changed, and from January to February this figure did not exceed 9%.

At the moment there are about 5000 applications for iMessage, the same went for the App Store in its first year of existence of the service. Looks pretty promising, given the subsequent development of the App store, but apparently, the interest of users and developers to iMessage already on the wane.

More than half of these 5000 applications came in the first months of the platform. The largest number of downloads are from mobile games followed by entertainment apps, utilities, social networking, editors for photo and video. In all of these categories most of the applications presented packages of stickers.

Such statistics does not mean the final refusal of the store to iMessage, but Apple needs to come up with something to again be of interest to developers and users. The iMessage interface also needs to be revised, as many are simply not aware of the existence of the service. Maybe Apple changes something in iOS 11.

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