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Analysts from UBS believe that the iPhone Edition will cost $ 900

Analysts Steven Milunović and Benjamin Wilson from UBS believe that the new iPhone Edition will be sold in two versions for 900 and 1000 dollars. This was reported by Business Insider.

Analysts said that Apple will introduce the iPhone Edition in versions of 64 GB for $ 900 and the version with 256 GB of memory for $ 1000.

They argue that too high a price can scare away buyers and they will think about switching to a smartphone from another company, but don’t forget that Apple will reveal a brand new gadget designed for professionals, but for the rest of the sale will go more stripped down and therefore cheaper version — iPhone 8 (7S).

However, the difference in 100 dollars for the minimum version will not frighten a large number of buyers, especially those buying a smartphone in monthly installments over two years — the difference will be 4-5 dollars for one payment.

iPhone 8, 8 Plus and Edition, will present on September 12.

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