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Analysts explained why iOS more popular than Android developers

Often, smartphone users install mobile apps because in the end no longer run. This is stated in the research company AppsFlyer, which explained why the platform is iOS more popular than Android among developers.

According to the research, only 4-5% of smartphone owners still actively use the app 30 days after installing them.

According to statistics, a week applications are only 10% have established their users. Although it is quite small, the figures have increased compared with results a year earlier.

The study also compares the situation on the iOS and Android platforms. Over the past year the stability of using apps on the iOS platform accounted for 25%, while Android is only 4%. This is due to the efforts of app developers who are trying to convince users to install them.

Android users often prefer to leave the application that they found in the online store alone, as iOS users need third-party assistance.

Only 2% of installed applications are made cash purchases for iOS, the probability of this is 80% higher than on Android. This is another reason why developers prefer to create applications primarily for iPhone and iPad.

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