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Analysts believe that the AirPods will eventually bring Apple more revenue than Apple Watch

AirPods in the near future will bring Apple more profit than the Apple Watch, says analyst gene Munster. Despite the fact that wireless headphones are only $159 — cheaper “smart” watches that are sold range from $269 to $1499.

The analyst believes that the 2022 AirPods will bring more profit than the Apple Watch. Wireless headphones evolyutsioniruet from the gadget to listen to music in better audio device support “augmented sound”, and their average price will be $200. We are talking about a span of 10 years.

According to the forecast of the analyst, the Apple Watch and the AirPods will continue to improve their position, but by 2022 they will be equal in terms of income. And by 2027 the total income from sales of AirPods will exceed the income from the “clever” hours of Apple.

Apple did not disclose the proceeds from the sales of AirPods and the Apple Watch. These devices are included in the category of “Other products” with iPod, Apple TV, Beats headphones and other accessories.

In the last quarter, profits in this category totaled $2.87 billion, which is 31% higher compared to last year. In early may, Tim cook noted the high demand for Apple branded wireless headphones. The delivery time AirPods in the official store is still 6 weeks.

Recently, Apple analyst Neil Kybarth said that Apple has set a very low price tag on AirPods are likely to attract new users into the ecosystem.

According to Chiberta, such pricing policy was difficult to imagine 10 years ago, when “Apple” the brand is often criticized for the high prices. Now the company is selling AirPods for $159, although he could set a price tag of $249 and $299, the analyst said. As a result, other manufacturers of wireless headphones forced to reduce prices.

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