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Analysts are confident in the success of the jubilee iPhone 8, predict 20% growth in sales

Most market observers do not doubt the success of the future flagship iPhone 8. Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities predicts that the new product will have a significant impact on Apple suppliers. As analyst Kate Huberty of Morgan Stanley believes that Wall Street underestimates the potential of the iPhone 8.

The reason for the growth of sales of the iPhone will be the debut of a new generation of devices with improved performance, and the expectation by users of new products. Huberty said that she expects a 20 percent increase in sales of Apple smartphones in the 2018 fiscal year, while other Wall Street analysts are expressing a more cautious assumption of 10% growth.

“We believes that the super-cycle is underestimated, – said the representative of Morgan Stanley in an interview with CNBC. In September, we expect the system with a significant technological innovation: OLED-screen, 3D-sensors, wireless charging and more advanced software in the field of artificial intelligence”.

Anniversary of the iPhone this year, expect a radical new design. The smartphone, according to rumors, there will be frames around the screen: the image will cover the entire front surface. OLED display smartphone will be curved and the fingerprint scanner will be built into the screen. This is the first Apple’s smartphone will support wireless charging.

On sales iPhone 8, according to analysts, can be influenced by several negative factors, one of which is called a shortage of the devices due to insufficient volumes. And more likely this deficit will be felt in the final quarter of 2017.

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