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Analysts: Apple will go the way of Samsung in the development of mobile devices

Apple is preparing to step, which will allow it to better compete with device manufacturers on the Android platform. According to analysts of Zacks Equity Research, the iPhone and the next-generation iPad expected emergence of OLED displays, which are featured in the flagship devices of Samsung, LG, Vivo, Gionee and other companies.

Apple uses in its smartphones and tablets LCD screens. OLED displays have low thickness and efficiency of the LCD panel even with record-low consumption can not be compared with them. In addition, the OLED screens are much easier to make curved and flexible. But this technology has some significant drawbacks. The main is that the picture fades in bright light and has a great durability: over time, the display starts to fall in one of the colors.

Interest in Apple OLED is not in doubt. Last year she received a patent for technology that improves the properties of light-emitting elements in displays OLED. Earlier Apple has hired an expert on OLED displays and semiconductors James Lee, who has worked with companies LG and Samsung. Now James Lee in the state of the American consumer electronics giant.

Who denied the existence of the advantages of OLED screens the company is already beginning to use them as fast as I could to find a suitable supplier (same as LG Display). So far, however, the screens are quite small size and resolution. They are used in the Apple Watch, predicted sales of which is small compared to smartphone sales.

This week it became known about the intention of Apple to use OLED panels in the next generation iPhone and iPad. After that, the company’s shares Universal Display specializing in OLED technology, rose to a three-year high. This manufacturer is licensing their designs Samsung, LG Display, AU Optronics and other companies.

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Given that the next generation iPhone is due out in September, it is unlikely that she will get the OLED display. Experts suggest that panel on organic light emitting diodes will be used in the iPhone 7, which will appear in 2016.

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