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Analysts: Apple for the first time will not be able to increase iPhone sales in the fourth quarter

Earlier this week MacDigger wrote about why the iPhone 6s may be the most popular smartphone in Apple’s history. There are a number of reasons, including the huge user base of legacy versions – iPhone 4, 4s and 5c. However, a number of analysts are convinced of the opposite.

According to the report of Wells Fargo in the fourth quarter of 2015, Apple for the first time after the release of the new iPhone in 2007, will sell as many smartphones as in the same period last year. Experts explain this by the fact that the company from Cupertino has already enlisted the support of the greatest possible number of operators with whom it can cooperate in the sale of tubes. Now among the partners of the California-based giant is already 414 cell provider General coverage in 95% of all subscribers.

In recent years, Apple has steadily expanded the number of its partners and was entering new markets. For example, this year the main reason incredible iPhone sales was the successful debut of the iPhone in China. And now, analysts believe that further growth of sales of “Apple” communicators is possible only in horizontal development – that is, a more complete coverage of existing partners of the company.

According to unconfirmed reports, the announcement of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be held on 8 September, while sales of new products will start towards the end of the month – September 25. As expected in devices new features, today it is known that the device will have a display with Force Touch feature already implemented in Apple Watch and MacBook. Also rumors ascribed to gadgets 12-megapixel camera, more durable display, 2 GB of RAM, the processor of new generation A9 and improved Touch ID functionality.

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