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Analyst: iPhone no longer need a “wow factor”, will be purchased, and so

Once every release of new Apple products has become a turning point for the whole process industry, but releasing on March 21, SE iPhone, and iPad Pro, the company offered only minor updates to the device. And yet, consumers continue to buy Apple products in droves.

Now when Apple releases new products, the company already fails to delight them so a huge number of people, as once, OSP writes with reference to analyst and industry consultant I.e. Sharma. In Apple claim that brings revolutionary changes to almost all its new products, but it becomes a cause for flow of skepticism in the trade press. Most of the real technical achievements of the company today are internal improvements, so the masses they mostly just do not notice.

Technicians and the media, closely keeping an eye on Apple, not especially admire the innovations, however, the level of customer satisfaction the company’s products has now reached unprecedented heights, and they continue to vote with their money. “The reason Apple products continue to sell well despite minimal innovation is tremendous loyalty to fans who are interested in buying regular models, says Sharma. — The army of Apple fans much more than other producers of digital technology”.

Illustration of the popularity of the company can be impressive figures, called Apple’s CEO Tim cook at the presentation SE iPhone and iPad Pro with a screen 9.7 inches. “We recently passed a major milestone that once seemed unthinkable, said cook. — Now used worldwide more than one billion Apple devices”.

According to IDC, in 2015, Apple has sold 226 million copies of the iPhone and iPad 49.6 million. Sales of tablets in 2015 has decreased, the share of the relevant market owned by Apple, was 24%. The company captured 15.8% of the global smartphone market, and Wall Street Journal, citing Canaccord Genuity announced another impressive figure: the share of Apple accounted for 92% of the profits of industry participants from the sale of smartphones.

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New compact SE iPhone and an iPad Pro would help Apple to expand customer base in China, India and other emerging markets, says Sharma. Mobile devices senior class now tend to buy the update for existing devices, but the segment of the lower and mid range could easily get Android and this is the market Apple will now try to sell more, the analyst adds.

Modern mobile platforms have matured, I am sure AVI Greengart, research Director at Current Analysis: “the Space for innovation remains enormous, but some revolutionary breakthroughs now unlikely.” However, incremental improvements in devices used daily by billions of people, can have a tremendous impact, he added.

The appearance and functionality of the popular smartphone was previously changed with each new generation of devices, but today, most of the improvements is improvements software enhancements and hardware. And Apple is not alone in this strategy; the whole industry of mobile devices has moved away from dramatic improvements in smartphones and tablets, continues the analyst.

“Apple has already captured a large part of the smartphone market premium, said Greengart. Stabilization of sales on this ridiculously tall, incredibly profitable for the company — it’s not so bad and does not help the competitors. If Apple will again begin to grow rapidly, probably due to the new products, working with iPhone, not because of improvements to the smartphone”.

Even two recent Apple product don’t have any “wow-factor”, but the company managed to pack most of the features of its flagship phone iPhone 6s (except for the 3D Touch) into a four-inch smartphone, the most affordable in history. Perhaps iPhone SE does not cause such admiration, as previous models, but it will be sold, and for Apple that is what matters. “Apple is a prestigious brand, and consumers will continue to buy products even if they can barely afford,” — said Sharma.

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