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An old iPod can be sold on eBay for a million rubles

IPods have become the subject of interest of collectors. This is not surprising, because with media players started climbing the Apple to the heights of technological Lina and the birth of the legendary series of smartphones, the holders of which have hundreds of millions of people around the world.

If you have a working iPod, it is possible after reading this news you decide to sell the device, but if you own a true collector’s gadget. Depending on the condition of the gadget it can be sold for $20 000 or 1.2 million at current exchange rate. Unopened third generation iPod shuffle sold on eBay for $1 000. the fourth-generation iPod special edition U2 will cost wishing to $7 000.

If the seller was able to hold still the original iPod first generation like this, which brought it from the store in 2001, its value at auction could be $50 000.

In 2014 went under the hammer a rare version of iPod Classic for $90 000. Buyer laid out the money for a model with 20 GB of memory. We are talking about a special version of the player Edition U2 black with a red Click Wheel wheel, produced in 2004. The player features 20 GB of memory and a battery for 12 hours of battery life. The main value lies in the fact that the iPod is decorated with autographs of members of the Irish rock band U2.

In fact, the price of the iPod depends on its condition. The most you can get for new, fully packaged device. Although these lots are very rare.

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Such interest in the gadget of fifteen years ago – an amazing phenomenon. It is unlikely you will be able to sell for a million at least of the legendary Nokia 3310.

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