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an iPhone with a “frameless” screen is closer than it may seem

The imagination of the creators of the iPhone concepts draw 8 mobile screen from edge to edge. The device should be devoid of not only the sides but the top and bottom. It seems that the talk about “frameless” iPhone may not be so far from the truth.

Sharp introduced the concept of a smartphone Corner R, the screen is completely devoid of the framework at the top and sides. The smartphone is a IGZO panel can output image with a pixel density of more than 1000 ppi. In the case of Corner R, the resolution is 1920×1080 (or 425 ppi). To completely get rid of frames failed: downstairs there is a bar with control buttons.

A 5.2-inch display takes up about 90% of the front panel of the smartphone, so the device looks very futuristic. Sharp unveiled the gadget at the exhibition CEATECH 2016 in Japan. The company does not disclose information about the technical characteristics of new items is also unknown whether there are plans to start its production in the near future.

Last month the New York Times reported that the future iPhone will get a display “edge to edge” button and biometric identification embedded directly in the device’s screen. Instead of the aluminum enclosure, the iPhone will receive a new shell of glass Gorilla Glass 5 and the OLED display. Screen Apple phone next generation will be able to perform the functions of the buttons Touch ID. According to the source, the future iPhone will be one big display panel with no margins on sides.

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It is worth noting that earlier this year Apple was granted a patent for technology integration scanner Touch ID in the display. One of them involves the use of ultrasound technology that will allow you to place dactyloscopy under the display panel and to improve the accuracy and speed compared to capacitive sensors like Touch ID.

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