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Americans warned against the purchase of cases for the iPhone in the form of a pistol

The police of new York and new Jersey warned Americans from buying an iPhone in the form of a gun. Law enforcement officers have nothing against the use of such accessories, but their deceptive appearance can result in serious consequences — when the handle of the case sticks out of the pocket, it is unclear whether it’s real weapons or just a gadget.

Authorities warn that if a police officer will notice the thing that looks like a gun, its owner must be prepared for the fact that it lay on the ground and cuffing him. “The case is not cool gadget… police Work is very difficult to speculate on a dark night when someone, without thinking pulls out a case in the shape of a gun”, – stated in the message Department.

When the device is in the holster stays in the pocket of trousers, some of them visible arm “of the gun”, which may mislead the officers. Buyers, in turn, began to Express outrage at the address of such gadgets on the pages of popular online stores. Under their pressure the online retailers Amazon and eBay have already started to delete the item from their catalogs.

Dissatisfaction with the police is understandable, because in a tense situation like this case could give rise to dramatic action in relation to the owner of the phone, which goes with “firearms” at the ready and not even trying to hide it. It remains unclear why this initiative has appeared only now, after all these accessories there are more than one year, and for different smartphones.

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