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Americans have developed a device for mounting the iPhone on the neck [video]

There just docks and various mounts for iPhone with the most diverse range of applications not coming up with the developers. On the Internet you can find manuals for their production of staples and even 10-year-olds create a stand, which later sell for $10.

A new holder for smartphones from the company Edelkrone stands out against the General background of excessive originality and an interesting range of applications.

A U.S. startup has developed a device, which is designed for fitting iPhone at the neck and shooting video from the first person. The smartphone is held by magnets and allows you to record life around. To capture the moments of life and preserve them forever is in fact the goal of any camera?

Adjustable fastening allows you to adjust the position of iPhone, and in some cases it may be practical. Cost this device is not expensive. Or you can wait, eventually they’d probably be the Chinese equivalent of the cheaper.

Camera Povie will be available later this month, and will cost $ 50. You can already pre-order the Edelkrone website.

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