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American used the mower for the destruction iPhone 6 [video]

Despite the fact that since the release of the iPhone 6 has made a lot of smartphones, “Apple” flagship remains a favorite object for the cruel torture of the new Ukrainian origin. This time he thought to destroy the gold iPhone 6 with a lawn mower.

YouTube-blogger under the nickname TechRax found a sophisticated way to deal on the Communicator. Killer expensive phone was the lawn mower, twice moved it to the lawn.

The need for such a stress test enthusiast motivated everyday situation, when during the grooming of the lawn owner can drop your iPhone right under the wheels of a lawn mower.

The experiment clearly showed that inattentive owners should not rely on the stability of the iPhone 6 under the sharp blades. After the first passage was destroyed screen, and the second passage finally eliminated the device, leaving him crumpled heap of parts.

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