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American teenagers earn $20,000 for repairing iPhone on vacation

In the 80-90-years of the children making the delivery of waste paper, bottles, random black marketeering, now they are promoters, baby-sitteri and… specialists in iPhone repair.

16-year-old Seam Geison earned over the summer $20,000 for repairing iPhone

At that time, as one enjoying the summer break, others earn impressive money, repairing Apple equipment. Some of the most successful “raise” therefore $20,000 for the summer. Edition WSJ told the story of 16-year-old American teenager named Geison seam.

“Sometimes a shame to see my friends go out and have fun without me, – he complained. On the other hand to repair a broken iPhone 7 Plus costs $189,99 and thus I gained last summer, $24 000, repairing for 9 smartphones a day. I love this work”, – said Seam.

The geison repairing smartphones since the age of 15. Twice during his career, he had to pay for the iPhone repair out of pocket.

“One time, I accidentally damaged the cable in the iPhone, violating the work of the fingerprint scanner. As a result, had to pay $400 for a new phone. It is quite a lot for me,” he said.

In Russia people who have earned the first money at school age, very much. According to the 1615 survey of Russians aged 18 to 54 years, conducted by Online Market Intelligence (OMI), 33% of respondents have earned the first money at the age of 14 years, and 43% in high school.

In Russia most often students take on the job of familiarity, without official registration, on the basis of oral agreements. The labour code (TK) allows to employ children from the age of 16 – if it does not interfere with their studies and is not harmful to their health. You can take even 14-year-old, but you need a parent’s permission.

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