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American, stole 130 smartphone at a music festival, and found by Find My iPhone

American kidnapped more than a hundred smart phones among the visitors of the music festival in California, helped to calculate the service Find My iPhone. According to police, the new Yorker managed to collect about 130 mobile devices.

A Paradise for of the offender became the music festival Coachella. 36-year-old Reynaldo de Jesus, Ana cleaned out the pockets of hundreds of visitors, stealing from them exclusively smartphones, which are carefully stored in his backpack. To detain the thief it was possible only thanks to the Find My iPhone feature.

The police drew attention to the loss of mobile devices through the discussion on the Internet forum Reddit.

“I noticed that there were conversations about it, many have complained that can’t find their smartphones, said Sergeant Dan Marshall. And in all cases it was a question about a specific place — the Sahara tent”.

The majority of disappearances were recorded under the Sahara tent. Law enforcement officers immediately dispatched additional officers, but to find the robber still failed. To detain the suspect managed only after some victims used the Apple to search for the missing gadgets that led them to Reynaldo de Jesus, Ana.

Of course, the festival is not complete without the lost gadgets. But backpack the new Yorker was extracted from 130 gadgets. Most of them returned to owners, others have been deposited in the lost and found. Reynaldo was released on bail of $ 10,000. In the near future will be the judgment in his case.

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