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American requires Apple’s $75 000 being burned up in the explosion of the iPhone 4s at home

A resident of Wisconsin Xai Thao and the insurance company State Farm has filed a lawsuit against Apple because of a defect in the iPhone 4s, which became the cause of the fire. American demanded from the company compensation in the amount of $75 000.

In a lawsuit filed in U.S. district court, claimed that the house fire was the cause of the short circuit and overheating of the iPhone battery. According to the statement, the smartphone would have a factory installed battery.

“1 April 2016 iPhone led to the fire in the house of Tao. Preliminary studies indicate significant overheating in the area of iPhone battery and short circuit – internal failure, which led to spontaneous combustion of the battery.”

The complaint is repeated that the production, manufacture and sale of the iPhone 4s “creates a dangerous situation”.

Improperly designed lithium-ion batteries can actually cause a short circuit and fire. As we wrote late last year in Moscow has completely burnt down three storey town house due to a faulty Samsung Galaxy. The fire occurred in the house of the chief of the Situation centre for monitoring and emergency management (CCC) Railways Alexander Kirienko due to the explosion of Android-smartphone, sarajevogas in one of the rooms on the couch.

It is assumed that the cause of the fire was a Galaxy Note 7, because of the numerous fires which Samsung had at first to recall and replacement, and later completely stop the production of flammable devices.

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