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“American iPhone should disappear after Obama”: the journalist talked about the end of the era of Apple

The Apple should disappear together with US President Barack Obama. This opinion was expressed by RT commentators who believe that “both brands invented and promoted the same circle of people.”

January 9, 2007 Steve jobs showed the world the first iPhone. At the same time future President Barack Obama began his campaign. After 10 years, the President of “shame” leaves the White house and it should be followed by iPhone, sure journalists.

According to them, under Obama the us economy was barely saved from collapse by borrowing money from the rest of the world. The national debt doubled, a loan taken almost $10 trillion. Attempts to solve the longstanding problems of the country has failed. And the main, a favorite program of the President — Obama — care “will seem undone and forgotten in the day when Obama will put under the rug the keys to the White house.” In the foreign policy of the USA during his reign also suffered serious problems. And now Obama goes and behind him have to leave the iPhone, sure at RT.

“In 10 years of existence, the iPhone just killed such a powerful (and much earlier have come on the market) companies like Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry. And all because people from Cupertino (California) before other and better understand one important thing: the cost of “iron” — objective and vanity is infinite. That is why, having to outsource everything you can — as the production of components (the vast majority of which is made in China, Taiwan, and Korea), and a significant, rumored to be part of the “software” Apple has reserved the main thing — design and marketing”.

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Journalists pay attention that in the past year, revenues from iPhone sales declined, a year earlier Apple sold smartphones for $155 billion, the company’s dependence on the iPhone is increasing — its share now accounts for two-thirds of the income of the Corporation.

It got to the point that Tim cook, who stood at the helm of Apple after the death of Steve jobs, was forced to mark the tenth anniversary of the iPhone by lowering his own salary by 15%.

“Make a radical idea: the iPhone needs to die as a brand! Ten years ago, he symbolized the strength and flight of creative ideas of American capitalism — the best parts, that which is concentrated in Silicon valley. It is fashionable, it creates a special image — a cardboard Cup from Starbucks (another West Coast company), iPhone, t-shirt with a stylized face of Obama… Here’s a portrait of the typical young liberal sample 2008

But over the years, the Chinese comrades realized that the same components that the iPhone can do amazing devices under other brands and to open branded stores for their sales. Starbucks has today pushed new competitors who have mastered the production of cardboard cups. And political liberalism in the style of Obama, American voters strongly sent to the political graveyard.

The end of an era?”.

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