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American intelligence agencies used the iOS 7 vulnerabilities to spy on users of iPhone and iPad

Less than 1% of the total volume of CIA documents, came into the custody of the WikiLeaks website, entered the first part of the publication within the project Vault 7. This is stated in the statement on the official WikiLeaks page in Twitter. According to the newspaper, American intelligence agencies have discovered and actively used seven vulnerabilities in iOS for spying on iPhone and iPad.

Earlier this week, the website WikiLeaks has published more than 8 700 documents that were stored in the isolated internal network of the Center for cierraspice based in the headquarters of the CIA in Langley. In particular, representatives of the service claim that the CIA hackers have developed many ways to “infection control and transmission of data” with smartphones iPhone, tablets iPad and other devices.

Also, the security services were looking for a zero-day vulnerability, which might not know even the developers of the devices. It is known that on Android found 24 vulnerabilities in iOS seven.

“WikiLeaks yesterday released less than 1% of Vault project 7 in the first part of the publication Year Zero”, — stated in the message.

WikiLeaks has designated a series of documents as the Vault project 7. Site staff reported that the publication will be the largest leak of confidential papers of the Department. The first part of the article called Year Zero.

Apple representatives were quick to reassure users and to reduce the degree of passions. “Our products and designed to quickly deliver security updates to end users, and nearly 80% of our users are using the latest version of our operating system. Although a preliminary analysis shows that many of these leaked [document] the problems have already been fixed in the latest versions of iOS, we will continue to work towards the rapid detection and elimination of any other vulnerabilities,” said the company.

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The CIA documents are the exploits for iOS up to version 9.2 dated 2015. According to the paper, intelligence experts managed to find iOS seven different bugs and created for them a minimum of 14 exploits. But Apple claim that the most recent iOS version 10.2.1 saves from most of these problems.

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