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American imprisoned Apple Pencil using an electric pencil sharpener [video]

No sooner had Apple Pencil to go on sale in Apple retail stores, as the Creator of the popular YouTube-channel TechRax, practicing hard tests the “endurance” of the various devices, tried to kill the novelty. This time using an electric sharpener.

According to TechRax, it seemed to him that “pencil” – that’s called your Apple branded stylus is not sharp enough. So he decided to imprison him, for which we used an industrial pencil sharpener.

“Apple Pencil is good, but I decided to erode it a bit to make it better,” said the author of the video.

Showing ordinary pencils work elektrotochilo, enthusiast put in an Apple Pencil. The process of abuse can be viewed in the video below. Just say that this sharpener has only damaged the outer coating of the stylus itself has broken.

Earlier it became known that Apple faced a massive thefts of Apple Pencil in their stores. As a demonstration of the device just lying on the table, without any protective measures and prevent theft ways. Therefore, the visitors calmly take Apple Pencil and quietly hide in pockets until the store employees can’t see them.

Apple Pencil comes as an accessory to the iPad Pro and the tool for more precise work on the tablet. In Russia the gadget is 7790 roubles.

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