American has collected a disk mobile phone, because she was tired of smartphones

In a world where only smartphones are of interest, there are many people who have forgotten how ordinary phones used to look. They had a round, where you need to stick your fingers to dial the number. Actually, one could only call from him:

Orange phone for those who think that orange is the best color

There are people who miss those times. On the phone you could only call! No apps or cameras!

Among such people was an American Justin Haupt. Working in the cosmological instrumentation group at Brookhaven National Laboratory, she seems to have an engineer’s mindset.

At some point, she decided to prove that even without a touch screen, the phone can be convenient to use. She put together a disk mobile phone that looks like this:

The main advantage over a smartphone is that you do not need to run any application to make a call somewhere. The phone is able to remember several numbers.

Justin has her husband and several friends numbers blocked. All the rest must be dialed in the old fashion – by sticking your finger and bringing the disk to the stopper.

However, modern technology still has a place to be in this smartphone. Firstly, the filling is based on the Arduino Micro.

Justin printed the phone case on a 3D printer. And the E-Ink screen is also there. And he's even curved!

For everyone, Justin published instructions on how to make such a device.

Justin herself plans to use this phone on an ongoing basis. In general, it turns out quite a good device. Interestingly, is there a globalka on it?

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