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American found the lost iPhone, but what she found was her shock

Have you ever thought about how much information about you is stored in the memory of your smartphone? The names of your loved ones, photos, phone numbers, and contacts. Not to mention the access to the mobile banking, credit cards, e-mail. All within a couple of taps.

American under the name “Uninterested hō” realized this fact after he found a lost iPhone and decided to see what she can find out about its owner. She just wanted to figure out how to return the mobile to the rightful owner. But what she found out, she was horrified.

“I asked Siri what my name is. And she told me. Cool. I asked Siri who I most often call. And she gave the last call. Cool.”

“I wanted to call the last people in calls, but they called me. I answered and the girl returned to the phone. Cheers. All is well.”

“But I realized that using Siri could know her name, where she lives, where her car was parked. It was so easy.

And all this with a locked iPhone.

I could know the way to her car and her house. It scared the hell out of me”.

“If it was just me, but scary to know that anyone can learn this information about me if I just leave my iPhone in 5 minutes.”

“I told the girl, she was in shock. Then I changed its settings so that it never happened.”

To prevent the use of this “vulnerability” iPhone, smartphone owners are advised to disable access to the voice assistant Siri from the lock screen. To do this, go to Settings –> Touch ID & passcode, and see the “Access from lock screen” switch to opposite Siri in the “Off”position.

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