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American found another useful application of AirPods

Try to think of as a spontaneous Association to the word “headphones” any verb. Most likely it will be “torn” or “confused.” With AirPods headphones brand Apple solved the main problem of these accessories. Removing the usual 3.5 mm Jack from the iPhone 7, Apple has clearly hinted consumers: the era of wireless audio has come once and for all.

American photographer, cinematographer and instructor Cielo De La Paz often uses in his work iPhone. It is not assumed that the Apple wireless headphones can also be useful. She recently discovered that the Bluetooth microphone in the AirPods with MoviePro app can solve the problem of recording sound in her instructional video.

Cielo De La Paz writes the video tutorials with the iPhone 7 Plus, sometimes resorting to 3-axis handheld gimbal the DJI Osmo for image stabilization in motion. Problem with sound recording. It usually connects to iPhone external microphone, but when using the suspension for the latter does not have enough space.

The girl decided to buy AirPods, after reading good reviews about microphone headphones that can filter out ambient noise. In the end, she settled on the Apple wireless headphones. Of course, the headset may not be the best solution for audio recording, but its capacity was enough for a training video Cielo De La Paz. To assess the quality of the audio in the video below.

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