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American found a way to check the microwave “leakage” of radiation using iPhone [video]

American found a simple and visual way to find “holes” in the isolation of the microwave oven with your smartphone. A video posted on the YouTube account Physics Girl.

As an experiment she offered several acquaintances put into the microwave oven, the smartphone. Then she closed the door and called to the machine. It turned out that some devices are “missed” the call, other phones did not respond to the call.

According to 42.tut, the body of the microwave oven needs to work on the principle of the Faraday cage and to create an insulating screen for the electromagnetic field. If the call is “held” inside the oven, so her body is not doing its job completely. For comparison the girl showed the smartphone in a perfect Faraday cage — foil envelope: call does not pass.

A more precise experiment will make a call via Wi-Fi network (e.g. via FaceTime, Skype or Viber). Wavelengths which Wi-Fi, closer to the running microwave. Domestic microwave ovens use waves with a frequency of approximately 2450 MHz, the mobile network — 900 — 2100 MHz, and Wi-Fi — in most cases, 2400 MHz (the experiment will not work if you have a Wi-Fi router with 5GHz).

Even if your microwave oven has leakage, this does not mean that it is dangerous to use. To harm a person can only powerful radiation. That “oozing” out of the microwave — a small part of her full power, most likely, it will not affect your health.

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