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American flattened shafts 7 iPhone for press [video]

To “kill” the iPhone can every. But the “kill” gadget nicely should be able to. Popular American video blogger TechRax flattened a smartphone using industrial steel shafts and posted a video on his YouTube channel.

“iPhone 8 is very thin, but there is no limit to perfection. I decided to reduce the thickness of the smartphone to make it even better,” explained their actions enthusiast.

Videobloger used industrial metal rollers. The first few passes iPhone withstood successfully. Metal drums were able to damage only the front cover of the smartphone, but the gadget remains operational. After the next passages, the image on the screen has become distorted, resulting in delight TechRax.

Further attempts to flatten the iPhone 7 has had quite the expected outcome – the smartphone battery has caught fire, exuding a clubs toxic smoke. Battery temp went to red and swollen, and continued to smolder for some time. The final result of the experiment may be the only exhibit of the Museum of modern art.

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