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American destroyed iPhone 6s with bromine [video]

Despite the fact that since the release of the iPhone 6s, a host of other smartphones, “Apple” flagship remains the favorite object of torture for an Internet masochist TechRax. This time he thought pour iPhone 6 bromine.

Chemical substance seemed curious for Americans, because it actively reacts after contact with the aluminum. It is this process that he decided to demonstrate for greedy spectacle of the Internet users.

Enthusiast iPhone 6s put in a plastic tub and abundantly watered it with bromine. This substance has properties similar to chlorine, but less active. It is easily volatilised, forming a brown pair. After a few seconds after the experiment began exothermic reaction is the combustion of aluminum enclosure, the iPhone. The process was accompanied by the suffocating fumes, so the experimenter had to get away at a decent distance from your smartphone.

Interestingly, after the experience of the front panel of the iPhone 6s remains as new, but the aluminum body of the phone is saleable. Gadget after such treatment inevitably turned into a “brick”.

During the day, the torture video iPhone 6s bromine viewed almost half a million people.

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