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American destroyed iPhone 6 hot stone balls [video]

For the popularity and love, often pay and seems to be particularly hard in this respect the gadgets from Apple, every generation which are looking forward to not only the fans, but technofantasy. On the YouTube channel TechRax showed a new way of sophisticated destruction iPhone 6. This time the smartphone was gored by using heated stones.

First, the author of the video took the bulb of medium size, have heated it to red and put on the iPhone 6. To heighten the effect he slammed it into the display. On the screen appeared a black spot with a gold ring, but the device continued to work. Then he took the balls smaller and repeated the experiment. the device continued to function with two and then with three “wounds”.

Each attempt enthusiast accompanied by comments, admiring the fused image on the screen and probably frantic agony of the gadget. Especially TechRax liked the effect from the third ball that formed in the display “Eye of Sauron”.

Previously, this same blogger “won” iPhone 6 by dousing phone liquid gallium – smartphone continued to work, but its body became brittle as glass. He also moved the gadget mower, sprayed his spray, “cooked” in the microwave, poured the milk was sealed with superglue, knocking them on a stone and nailed by the hammer to the fence.

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