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American couple accused Apple of my daughter’s death in a traffic accident

The American family that tragically lost a daughter in a car accident, has filed a lawsuit against Apple. She accused the iPhone maker that it did not provide the lock service FaceTime at a time while the user is driving a car.

The plaintiffs noted the Apple patent, registered company two years ago. It describes a special algorithm that prohibits you to run applications that may distract the driver from the road, thus reducing the safety of the user.

The tragic accident happened in 2014, when the family made the trip by car on one of the local highways. The car was also 5-year-old girl who was seriously injured after the collision. She died in hospital several hours later. The document reports that in the family’s car slowing because of another accident nearby, was hit by a car running a man who is distracted by the app for FaceTime video calls.

The Americans believe that the accident was caused by Apple, which is not provided in the application for video-link patented technology.

It is worth noting that the Apple patent does not provide for locking the application while driving: the user can only restrict their work on their own. To blame for the accident should not FaceTime or Apple, and the driver, who decided to use video conferencing, driving a car.

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