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American Apple Pencil broke while charging, checking it for strength [video]

Along with the new iPad Pro Apple has released Apple-Pencil – stylus, which, interacting with the device, determines the amount of force applied, the location and tilt, simulating reliably with an ordinary pencil.

When working with Pencil Apple tablet computer reads information from the touch screen twice as often, to achieve a high level of accuracy of determining the place of touch — according to the Director of design at Apple Jonathan Ive, the possible accuracy of one pixel.

Charge internal battery in the stylus lasts for 12 hours. Apple Pencil has a very small battery, so it charged very fast: only 15 seconds of charging provides up to half an hour of work. Charging is carried out using the Lightning connector, which is under the cap at the top of the stylus — it should be connected to the second Lightning connector tablet.

Many users had doubts about the convenience of this method of charging. Moreover, it is believed that the high risk of damaging the stylus. To reassure users hurried blogger Zach Line, who conducted the stress test Apple Pencil. According to him, to cause mechanical damage to the device quite difficult. He had to work hard to break the stylus in place Lightning-connector.

To ensure strength Apple can Pencil in the video below:

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