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Amazon launches social network

The social network from Amazon called Spark — an aggregator of products in the “natural” habitat.

App users can upload photos of products to make it easier to decide on purchase. The photo was not taken on a white background, and in apartments, homes, on the street and in other places. So to imagine the future purchase much easier.

In social network you can’t add friends, but you can subscribe to users. Reminiscent of Instagram where there are pictures and comments to them.

Under the image button number of the product can be purchased immediately on Amazon. There are tags to search by category. When you first start you need to choose 5 categories that the tape did not come across uninteresting to you? Subsequently, these categories, which is logical, can be changed.

At the moment, Spark is only available on iOS for members of Amazon Prime. When the app appears on Android is unknown.

Amazon will take your money any way. And this is no joke.

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