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Amazon is working on a competitor of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro

It is no secret that within the walls of Apple is preparing the iPad Pro with a screen size greater than 12 inches. Samsung is developing its own tablet computer, which will display a diagonal of 18.4 inches. Amazon, as it turned out, decided to release something a little more.

At the dawn of the tablet boom, the Internet giant was considered to be a major player in the market of USA and Europe, because its business model implied distribution units at a price close to cost, with subsequent profit from access to digital video libraries and the libraries. Now, when manufacturers of tablets starting to look at larger devices equipped with a keyboard unit, the plans appeared at Amazon.

According to DigiTimes, the company is working on a tablet with a 12-inch screen. Its characteristics are not known. We can assume that in the best traditions of the Amazon, this would be a productive solution for a small price. It is noted that Amazon has been ordering the production of a small amount of 12-inch tablets around 100 000 pieces per month. At year-end the company expects to sell 4 to 5 million tablets, but the vast majority of this type of device will have a display size of no more than 7-8 inches.

Along the way, the publication indicates that Microsoft intends to release two devices line Surface with a screen diagonal of 12 and 13-14 inches. Moreover, it will be not tablets, and devices of the category “2-in-1”.

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