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Amazon has officially unveiled “smart” column with the Echo Show for $230 with touch screen and support for video calls

Amazon has officially unveiled “smart” speaker system Echo Show, is equipped with a touch screen. Information about this device leaked the day before.

Novelty is equipped with 7-inch touchscreen display, through which voice assistant Alexa markedly expanded. Users can now ask a question regarding their schedules, and see the response on the screen. They can view on the display the weather, live streams from YouTube or to specify the time if you do not want to ask the voice assistant, Alexa.

The latter, incidentally, works like Siri. To enable “smart” speakers need to loudly say a Wake word Alexa (the word can be changed), then the device turns on and gets to work. Speakers can play music, book a taxi, tell you about traffic jams, read the latest news, etc. At the bottom of the gadget is a speaker, and top – built-in camera, through which users can make video calling and even take pictures.

Using the built-in Echo chamber Show not only can you make free video calls to other users of the device, but to use the gadget as a device to remotely monitor a child. In addition to the touchscreen and camera Echo Show boasts 8 built-in microphones for receiving voice from the far end of the room.

Amazon has opened pre-orders for the Echo Show at a price of $229,99. As offered in two color options. Shipment of columns for pre-orders will start on June 28.

How popular will the Echo Show? The prospects of a novelty in Russia it is questionable primarily because in the near future, the gadget will not support the Russian — remember, as with Siri, you had to speak English? This may be easy, but quickly bored.

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If you live in the US, UK or Germany, then it makes sense to buy a device, there probably is. But in Russia — no. Moreover, most services working with Echo, we just simply unavailable. So, you may want to wait for the “smart” speakers from Apple. The device, which will be quite tolerable to speak in Russian, is expected next month.

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