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Alternative ways to use the Home button on the iPhone and iPad

Home button – an essential attribute of any smartphone and tablet running iOS. Debuted in 2007 key has not lost its relevance to this day. With its help you can perform a wide range of activities, from the return to the home screen of the OS and call the panel multitasking, ending with the authorization and shopping on the Internet sites. In iOS 10 Home button will become another feature to unlock your smartphone.

Actually possible the Home button is not limited to the above-described actions. With its help, you can use some special features of the operating system. In addition, the user can change the speed of the depression and decide to turn on Siri on the lock screen or not.

Triple click

On Apple devices triple click may be used to call the VoiceOver feature that will read aloud information from the screen of the mobile device. In addition, it is possible to increase the objects and even activate the device the black mode of the interface.

To control special functions of the Home button need to open Settings –> General –> Universal access –> keyboard Combination and select one of the options. The selected function will be performed by triple pressing the Home key.

In iOS 10 triple click also allows you to activate a magnifying glass. In order to activate the corresponding function, you need to go to Settings –> General –> accessibility –> Magnifier. Then three quick clicks of the Home button will allow you to use the iPhone camera to quickly magnify objects.

Setting the velocity

iOS allows you to adjust the speed of actuation keys Home. If the iPhone does not always respond to your double or triple click, you must change the tapping speed To do this, open Settings and go to the section General –> Universal access –> Home. Here you can choose one of three gradation in the speed of response – by default, slow and very slow.

IOS 10 in this section, you can enable the usual way to unlock with Touch ID: touch the fingerprint scanner will immediately go to the desktop and not the device’s lock screen.

“Easy access”

Advantages of iPhone with a large screen it is not disputed, but the obvious disadvantages are also cannot be denied. Clearly they are especially noticeable when it comes to ergonomics related to the use of gadgets of one hand. To solve this problem in the case of the iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6 Plus/6 Plus allows a special mode of operation called “Easy access”.

“Reachability” allows you to reach the top field of the screen by double-tapping the Home button. The gesture moves down desktop devices and thus the user can reach with your thumb to the top of the interface elements: buttons back, menu, search construction, etc. to Enable or disable the function of “Easy access” in the section General –> Universal access –> Home.

To disable Siri on the lock screen

To launch voice assistant you can even on the lock screen of the iPhone and iPad. To do this, press and hold the home screen button. Few know that this feature can be disabled. You must go to Settings –> Touch ID & passcode, and then disable the toggle switch next to Siri in the section “Access from lock screen”.

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