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AlternateControls 2 allows you to add iOS 10 software style buttons Android

Jailbreak is valued by iPhone and iPad users the ability to customize the interface. While some complain about innovation or the lack of it in iOS, the other can easily customize all by himself. Today we will talk about a new way of iOS control 10 by means of virtual buttons.

Someone setup soft key on the iPhone in Android style may seem pointless. But in some situations, for example, if there is a defect Home button, it can be vital.

Google has added a new way to manage mobile devices by using virtual buttons with the release of the third version of Android – Honeycomb. On the iPhone and iPad, this mode is not provided. All actions are performed in the iOS clicks the key “Home” and a gesture to go back. Tweak AlternateControls 2 allows you to add in the OS transparent panel with buttons to return to the home screen, launch the multitasking bar and return to step back.

In the settings AlternateControls 2 you can click to open the panel and change the design panel and configure the behavior of the toolbar – to enable vibration when pressed, invert the colors, to hide after you touch or use the icons in the style of the Galaxy S8. You can also override the “Back” button for quick switching between two last apps.

The need for this add-in to someone can seem questionable, but it’s really an interesting experiment. 2 AlternateControls especially appreciate switchers accustomed to on-screen keys in Android.

AlternateControls 2 can be downloaded via Cydia at a price of $0.99.

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