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Also, the app with the iPhone

Also, the project company Advert Mobile – the most popular Russian-language app on the app installations. The project started in June 2014, and to date it has installed approximately 1 million users. All this time, Also, was only available to users of Android-smartphone, and after numerous requests, the app became available for iPhone owners.

The idea of the service is simple – users are rewarded for installing applications and writing reviews. Any earned amount can be instantly displayed on any of the available channels of withdrawal, including Webmoney, Yandex.Money or conclusion on the cell phone bill.

Essentially, Also, is an adware application that allows its users to find new and interesting projects and be the first to start using them. In turn, developers get a quick influx of traffic to the app, making it much more attractive.

If we talk about the financial component, users on average can earn up to 300 rubles a week. However, much depends on the time of year and the quickness of the users themselves. For example, in summer, in the holiday season, the number of orders decreases, while in autumn the number is growing. Also, many of the orders is limited by the number of performances, and they can be made in a few hours or even minutes. This means that users need to respond quickly to new push notifications that come from Also, to have time to fulfill all orders.

However, the execution of tasks is not the only way of earning money with Also. The app has a referral system that allows you to invite new users via your personal referral link. Users who installed Also, through this link will receive a cash bonus into your account, and the user on whose link has occurred, you will receive an additional 10% of the amount, which will earn him referrals.

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The project is Also launched for Android smartphones in 2014. For the year it was installed about 1 million times. According to the developers, the most active users during this time earned more than 100 000. To start using, you just need to download Also the link from the official website.

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